Terms and Conditions for Zishta Affiliate Program

As an authorized affiliate (Affiliate) of Zishta Traditions Private Limited, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement (Agreement). Please read the entire Agreement carefully before registering and promoting Zishta Inc as an Affiliate.

Your participation in the Program is solely to legally advertise our website and to receive a commission on products purchased by individuals referred to Zishta Inc by your own website or personal referrals.

By signing up for the Zishta Affiliate Program, you indicate your acceptance of this Agreement and its terms and conditions.

1. Enrolment and Eligibility

The Affiliate Program is free to join. To begin the Zishta Affiliate enrolment process, you must submit a complete and accurate application. Your Site(s) must contain original content and be publicly available via the website address provided in the application. You must identify your Site(s) in your application. We will evaluate your application and notify you of its acceptance or rejection through the email address provided by you in the application. 

We reserve the right to approve or reject ANY Affiliate Program Application in our sole and absolute discretion. We will determine suitability at our sole discretion. If we reject your application due to unsuitable content, you may reapply at any time once you have complied with our suitability requirements. You will have no legal recourse against us for the rejection of your Affiliate Program Application.

You will ensure that the information in your affiliate application including your email address, other contact information, and identification of your Site, is at all times complete, accurate, and up-to-date. We may send notifications (if any), approvals (if any), and other communications relating to the affiliate Program and the Agreement to the email address associated with your Program account. You will be deemed to have received all notifications, approvals, and other communications sent to that email address, even if the email address associated with your account is no longer current.

2. Links on your site

After you have applied to the Affiliate Program and after it has been approved by Zishta Inc, you are permitted to display Special Links on your Site. Special Links enable accurate tracking, reporting, and accrual of fees.Special links can be product links or the home page link. When linking to pages with Product lists you must have additional original content on your Site that is relevant to the Special Link.

You will be solely responsible for your Site, including (a) its development, operation, and maintenance and all materials that appear on or within it (b) creating and posting, and ensuring the accuracy, completeness, and appropriateness of, materials posted on your Site (including all Product descriptions and other Product-related materials and any information you include within or associate with Special Links), (c) using the materials on or within your Site in a manner that does not infringe, violate, or misappropriate any of our rights or those of any other person or entity (including copyrights, trademarks, privacy, publicity, or other intellectual property or proprietary rights),

3. Affiliate Fee

For a Product sale to be eligible to earn an affiliate fee, the customer must click-through a Special Link on your site to the Zishta Site. We will only pay referral fees on eligible Products after order, payment, and shipping. Qualified Purchases are disqualified and excluded from the affiliate Program for any Product order where a cancellation, return, or refund has been initiated and any Product purchased after termination of you being a Zishta Affiliate. 

Referral fee will be calculated in INR. We will pay you standard fees as communicated in email. Fees are calculated as a percentage of Qualifying Revenue.

During each calendar month, for Qualifying Products sold during sessions initiated through Special Links on your site, you will earn referral fees in accordance with the fee percentage communicated with you. The referral fee percentage of qualifying purchase calculated will exclude shipping and taxes for the sale.

We will pay you referral fees on a monthly basis for Qualifying Products shipped in the applicable month. Approximately 60 days following the end of each calendar month, based on the payment mode/ option selected by you in your Affiliate Account.

Purchases made for your personal use will not be qualified for referral fee as this is not a discount but a marketing activity.

4. Policies and Pricing

Customers who buy products through this Program will be deemed to be our customers. Accordingly, all of our rules, policies, and operating procedures concerning customer orders, customer service, and product sales will apply to those customers. We may change our policies and operating procedures at any time. Product prices and availability may vary from time to time.

5. Modification

We may modify any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, without prior notice at any time and in our sole discretion, by posting a change notice or a new agreement on the Zishta Site. Modifications may include, for example, changes in the scope of available referral fees, referral fee schedules, payment procedures, and Program rules. If any modification is unacceptable to you, your only recourse is to terminate this agreement. Your continued participation in the program following our posting of a change notice or new agreement on the Zishta site will constitute binding acceptance of the change.

6. Liability

We make no express or implied warranties or representations with respect to the Program or any products sold through the Program. We make no claim that the operation of the Program and/or our website(s) will be error-free and we will not be liable for any interruptions or errors. We will not be liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages (or any loss of revenue, profits, or data) arising in connection with this Agreement or the Program, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages. Further, our aggregate liability arising with respect to this Agreement and the Program will not exceed the total referral fees paid or payable to you under this Agreement.

7. Term of the Agreement

The term of this Agreement will begin upon our acceptance of your Program Application and will end when terminated by either party. Either you or we may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause, by giving the other party written notice of termination. Upon the termination of this Agreement for any reason, you will immediately cease use of, and remove from your site, all links to the Zishta Site, and all of our trademarks, and logos, and all other materials provided by or on behalf of us to you pursuant hereto or in connection with the Program. You are eligible to earn referral fees only on sales of Qualifying Products that occur during the term, and referral fees earned through the date of termination will remain payable only if the related orders are not cancelled or returned. We may withhold your final payment for a reasonable time to ensure that the correct amount is paid.

8. Indemnification.


9. Your agreement

You acknowledge that you have read this agreement and agree to all its terms and conditions. You understand that we may at any time (directly or indirectly) solicit customer referrals on terms that may differ from those contained in this agreement. You have independently evaluated the desirability of participating in the program and are not relying on any representation, guarantee, or statement other than as set forth in this agreement. You indicate your acceptance of this agreement and all of the terms and conditions contained or referenced in this agreement.

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