Parampara Utsav at Zishta - 26th Feb 2023

Parampara Utsav at Zishta - 26th Feb 2023 Zishta

"Parampara Utsav" is a Sanskrit phrase that can be translated to mean "Festival of Tradition" or "Celebration of Heritage." The word "Parampara" refers to the transmission of knowledge, beliefs, or practices from one generation to the next, while "Utsav" means festival or celebration. Therefore, "Parampara Utsav" is a cultural event showcasing and celebrating a particular community or region's traditional values, customs, and practices. It is a way to honor and preserve the rich cultural heritage of the past and pass it on to future generations.

Parampara Utsav-Zishta Traditions

The event conducted on 26th Feb at Zishta Store was focused on engaging the younger generation with our traditions and past. This program was designed in collaboration with like-minded brands with a focus on Traditions. The event had an amazing response with more than 300 adults and kids joining us on that day to celebrate our rich and varied traditions by trying their hands on interesting aspects.

The big crowd puller were the Traditional board games, Learning Sanskrit the fun way, and the Goli (Kan / Marble Glass Balls), Pamparam (Buguri / Spinning Top). The showstopper was getting the kids to make some superb miniature cooking with the iron miniature set. Both the kids and parents loved to being part of that workshop and we had some brilliant mouthwatering dishes prepared. We had some mouthwatering mini dosas, kuzhipaniyaram and mini uttapam.

Parampara Utsav-Miniature Cooking-Zishta Traditional Cookware

The participant families had a range of workshops to engage their kids with. As one entered, we had a flower-stringing workshop where kids got to learn how to string flowers the traditional way! Parents shared fond memories of their grandmothers who would do this diligently at home every day for pooja purposes. The whole event was elevated with the Naadam of Mridangam being played by one of the organizers. We even had kids exploring the touch and feel of this amazing instrument. It is a great way to engage kids and expose them to the wonderful world of classical music.

Parampara Utsav-Arts-Zishta Traditional Arts

The open lawn area at our store was energetically used by a lot of kids and parents alike working and honing their skills in the techniques of releasing the Buguri/Pamparam the right way. This space was taking many parents down memory lane and kids were equally absorbed to see the child in their parents playing the games with gusto and enthusiasm.

Parampara Utsav was created as a safe space for kids to explore various activities under the guidance of parents and organizers and volunteers. The workshops kept kids off modern-day devices for a significant period and kept them hooked on exploring these wonderful traditional games. As the kids and parents started playing Pallankuzhi (Adugulimane), Aadu Puli Attam and Dayakattai (Pagade), most of them lost track of time and spent hours as a family. The old memories came back flooding with many parents sharing their childhood memories of them playing these games for hours with their grandparents during summer holidays!

  Parampara Utsav-Board Games-Zishta Traditional Board Games   Parampara Utsav-Pallankuzhi-Zishta Traditional Games

The event gave exposure to kids learning Sanskrit the fun way. Deva Basha had gamified the concept of learning spoken Sanskrit. Teaching children about our Parampara (tradition) can be a wonderful way to help them connect with their cultural and spiritual heritage.

Parampara Utsav - DevaBhaasha Sanskrit Game-Zishta Traditional Games

Though we had taken an effort to organize the event, there are subtle ways we can reinforce and teach our kids about our Parampara:

Start with the basics: Begin by introducing your child to the concept of Parampara and explaining what it means. Use simple language and examples that they can relate to.

Share stories: Children love stories, and sharing stories from our Parampara can be a great way to help them learn about our tradition. Choose stories that are appropriate for their age and convey important values and teachings.

Use visual aids: Visual aids such as pictures, videos, and diagrams can help children understand complex concepts more easily. Use them to illustrate the teachings and stories from our Parampara.

Practice what you preach: Children learn best by example, so make sure to practice what you preach. Demonstrate the values and teachings of our tradition in your own life and encourage your child to do the same.

Make it fun: Learning about our Parampara doesn't have to be boring. Incorporate fun activities such as games, art projects, and songs into your teaching to make it more engaging and enjoyable for your child.

Encourage questions: Encourage your child to ask questions and express their thoughts and feelings about our Parampara. This will help them develop a deeper understanding and connection to our tradition.

Overall, teaching kids about our Parampara requires patience, creativity, and a willingness to engage with them on their level. By using these tips, you can help your child develop a strong connection to their cultural and spiritual heritage.

Parampara Utsav was a great inspiration for us and the first edition and the overwhelming response we received have given us the motivation to organize more such events. With your support at home and activities organized at such venues, there is a greater chance for us to engage the next generation with our rich and varied traditions.


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