Unlocking the World of Craftsmanship: Zishta Sammelan at Bengaluru Sparks Tradition and Creativity!

Unlocking the World of Craftsmanship: Zishta Sammelan at Bengaluru Sparks Tradition and Creativity! Zishta

The Zishta Store at Bengaluru came alive on the 22nd and 23rd of July with an inspiring gathering – Zishta Sammelan. Over a vibrant weekend, our doors welcomed 100+ enthusiastic customers seeking a glimpse into the heart of traditional craftsmanship.    

At the heart of the event was a remarkable soapstone Kalchatti artisan. With skillful workshops and engaging conversations, he unveiled the mesmerizing transformation of raw stone into exquisite cookware. From blocks to masterpieces, the process was a revelation.

The festivities commenced at 10 AM on the 22nd of July, ignited by the radiant glow of the lamp lighting ceremony. Our dedicated artisan, alongside Zishta's loyal supporters, kindled the spirit of heritage and artistry.

A captivating workshop followed, where the artisan passionately unveiled the intricate journey of crafting superior soapstone cookware. Curious minds interacted, raising questions that were met with patient answers and shared insights from the artisan and his partner.

The grand finale took form with the launch of the new Panchaloha Statue range. An illuminating discourse on the 114 meticulous steps behind each masterpiece left attendees in awe. The event went beyond transactions, fostering a community of kindred spirits, united by tradition and the pursuit of excellence.

The Zishta team resonates with gratitude for the overwhelming response. Positive feedback fuels our dedication to nurturing timeless wisdom. Zishta Sammelan was a celebration of heritage, skill, and a shared commitment to preserving our cultural treasures. Join us in this journey of preserving traditions and celebrating craftsmanship!"

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Zishta Sammelan Bangalore Kalchatti ArtisanZishta Sammelan Bangalore Customers-1 

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