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Zishta was started with a vision to revive traditions from where it originated centuries earlier and those that have immense utility value in our day to day lives. Our approach is to leverage traditional wisdom in making our homes more environment friendly and holistic. Zishta is authentic to the traditions by working with the same cluster of rural artisans who have been hand crafting these products using traditional techniques mastered by their ancestors and passed along. We take pride in bringing these traditional cookware online in India apart from other home & Kitchen products.

Zishta is about building a family of believers who will be the future "Guardians of Traditional Wisdom". We travel to nook and corner of our country, spend time with the artisans and the local people, understand the traditional value & authenticity and document to make sure such wealth of knowledge is available for everyone.

We take the authentic traditions to the next level by testing the products for its purity in the modern world. We test all our products in an independent NABL accredited lab and all the traditional products brought out by Zishta comply with RoHS standards (Restriction of Hazardous Substances).

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Zishta- Traditional Cookware

Guardians of Traditional Wisdom

I bought this eeya sombu and was delivered overseas in a pristine condition. The quality and taste of rasam has reached new heights. Extremely satisfied with the quality of the product and friendly service at Team Zishta. Well done and keep up the good work !
Use it on regular basis. Amazing product.. faced some issue with the tawa in the beginning and the team at Zishta helped me throughout to resolve the issues. Great Customer Service.
Beautiful in looks. Gives out soothing sound. Dont expect a Kovil Mani sound.
Zishtas Quality of the Brass, Bronze n the Copper is very very good. Dont get the typical greenish or brownish spots. Very user friendly.
I have bought vessels from Zishta that I use on a daily basis. The kal chatti works great for cooking all my leafy greens and vatta kozambu. The mud pottery vessel makes great sambar. The cast iron kadai is lovely for roast potatoes. The black pottery vessels are lovely for cooking in and work almost as well as non stick vessels without the toxic chemicals. The eeya chombu works great for rasam. I love all the wooden spoons, ladles and chopping board. They are easy to maintain and the ladles are great as they don't get heated up. Apart from great utility all these products are great to look at and give a lovely old time feel to the kitchen!
Just making ragi dosai on the Zishta flat tawa. It's too good as I can flip easily.
Rama Karthikeyan
I tried the dosa kallu today. It is fantastic! The dosa can be flipped so easily. It feels like I am preparing dosas in non-stick tawa
Rachita Rao
Fabulous items. Kadai and tawa are fantastic. Looking forward for more such products
Zoya Ahmed
We made yogurt in the soapstone vessel. It was just too good. We could make out so much difference in the texture of the yogurt when we made in this. My whole family was super pleased. Thank you so so much! You guys are awesome
Divya Venkatesh
I have ordered products from Zishta multiple occasions. Always satisfied with the quality, package, delivery, response. Overall a happy customer.
Karthika Kumar
Zishta- Traditional Cookware
Zishta- Traditional Cookware
Zishta- Traditional Cookware
Zishta- Traditional Cookware