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Cast Iron Baking Pan/ Cake Pan

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About Zishta Cast Iron Baking Pan/ Cake Pan

  • Bake varieties of dishes in the Cast Iron Baking pan: cakes, cookies, croissants, cinnamon rolls, buns, pasta, lasagne, biryani, gravies - the options are innumerable. 
  • Thickness and quality of Cast Iron results in uniform heat distribution, ensuring even, well-baked dishes. 
  • Baking in cast iron, dishes have excellent texture and retains flavour. Your biryani, pasta, cookies, croissants, cakes etc are much more tastier. 
  • Proofing in Cast Iron is much easier and the raising of dough is even. 
  • Cast Iron is dependable, durable, consistent and lasts for generations. 
  • Zishta Cast Iron Baking Pan comes as Pre-seasoned. 
  • Just wash, apply oil and start baking. 
  • It also has dual handle for easier grip. 
  • Enjoy the experience of baking to fullest satisfaction!

Product Specifications

SizeWeight (Kg)Length (CM)Width (CM)Height (CM)
Medium  4.2

33 (With Handle)

25.5 (Without Handle)

24 8
Traditional Value Score !  78%


All our products are handcrafted and this results in each product being unique and slightly different from each other and therefore will have minor variations on dimensions & weight.

  • Traditional use of Iron and cast iron dates back many centuries. 
  • Age old cooking used cow dung or wood fire as fuel for cooking and cast Iron provided the most effective medium to retain heat and cook food evenly. 
  • Though a western invention, baking pans has become popular cutting across cultures and cuisine and Zishta is launching this with a traditional twist. 
  • AUTHENTIC HAND MADE CAST IRON PRODUCTS are made heavy and thick to help in better baking process as the cuisine involves steady and long duration heat.
  • The artisans of Tamil Nadu have mastered the art of making cast iron over last 70 years or more. 
  • The key ingredient into making the best cast iron bakeware is the sand cast made of the local river sand. 
  • Sand moulds made in shape of different bakeware is first created and molten Cast Iron is poured into these moulds and cooled. 
  • The result is smooth surfaced, low carbon bakeware with high density Iron making it one of the most durable Cast Iron bakeware.
  • Help to increase haemoglobin count and thereby reduces incidence of anaemia. 
  • Zishta Cast Iron lasts for generations and adds value to your sustainable household. 
  • Food bakes evenly due to high heat emissivity and thickness of the pan. 
  • No harmful metals or chemicals. Tested for quality.
  • Wash well before first use. 
  • Zishta cast iron Baking pan is smooth and pre-seasoned. 
  • Wash it well and apply a layer of cooking oil. 
  • To avoid rusting, do not soak in water for long before wash. 
  • Apply a layer of oil before storing it. 
  • Washing is with regular dishwashing liquids of soaps.
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