Iron & Cast Iron Cookware

Rich oral tradition documented from various communities in the usage of traditional cookware like Cast Iron Cookware set and Pure Iron Cookware set in our every day cooking kick-started our journey in search of authentic makers. Our journey culminated in connecting with the artisans of Thenkasi known for their skills in making Pure Iron Cookware & Cast Iron cookware set using high grade iron. They are famous across India with the making of their Sengottai dosa kallu, hand beaten to perfection. Their age old technique of sand casting using sand from the local river has set this artisan cluster apart. We at Zishta bring you the range of hand made pure iron cookware & cast iron cookware like dosa tawa, cast iron tawa, Cast Iron kadai, paddu tawa etc. directly from the authentic source that has withstood the test of time.

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  1. Pure Iron Roti Tawa
    Make your favourite fluffy chapatti, soft roti or hot paratha in our rustic Zish ...
  2. Pure Iron Dosa Tawa
    Crispy, tasty and melt-in-your-mouth dosas is a longing in every household. Tr ...
    ₹1,600.00 - ₹1,800.00
  3. Traditional Sengottai Iron Dosa Kallu (Pure Iron Tawa)
    This is the original dosa kallu made using the authentic traditional way.  ...
    ₹2,500.00 - ₹3,000.00
  4. Cast Iron Kadai
    Potato roast, ladies finger fry or the tastiest of the chicken or fish fry, the ...
    ₹690.00 - ₹1,290.00
  5. Iron tadka ladle
    Doing tadka for dal, rasam , sambhar or any gravies and curries is a quintessent ...
  6. Cast Iron Skillet
    Stir fry, sear meat, scrambled eggs to sautéing vegetables- Cast Iron Ski ...
  7. Iron Tadka Ladle
    This short handle is a variation of the traditional design with heat resistant w ...
  8. Zishta Cast Iron Kadai Medium
    Combo Offer Includes one Medium Size Cast Iron Kadai, Raised Edge Pan and 1 Appa ...
    Special Price ₹2,150.00 Regular Price ₹2,630.00
  9. Zishta Cast Iron Kadai Medium
    A Medium size family (Family of 3-4) perfect fit for morning breakfast and after ...
    Special Price ₹2,530.00 Regular Price ₹3,000.00
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